Located in Balaton, MN.  We can meet or deliver within reasonable distance with a fee for time and gas during good weather (no snow / ice storms). Note if you see a video on our Facebook page and the puppy is not on this page.  That means they are spoken for.     WEBSITE IS KEPT CURRENT ON AVAILABILITY.  Most Pet only/ limited akc varies on quality, usually2200 -3000.  Puppies that are looking pet quality only will NOT be offered with full akc.   Puppies are priced based on quality, wrinkles and somtimes rare color we do not see much of.   This may not fit everyone's budget, but we do know our prices are more than reasonable for the health testing we do, money we invested in our own dogs to have quality , and the time, money , care we put into them. Millie and McLovin litter all be tris, no standard color so will start at 2500 pet.  

Litter is a co own we dont owen dam so full rights likely to be 4500 +

NO PUPPIES Currently Availalable MAY 2020

Check back for possible puppies late this summer August.